Sunday 5th July 1959

Alec to his parents

Dear Mum & Dad

Well it’s almost a week since I last wrote so herewith a few more taps on the machine. Duly received cheques from G.H. Kite & Sons, and returned the receipts, I paid mine in to G.W.R. Savings Bank on Thursday, the day after receipt. The clerk at the Finance Office Paddington where I paid the cheque in drew my attention to two entries of the previous day under the same surname and enquired from a point of interest if they were my parents. The cheques of course came from G. H. Kite & Sons and were made out to Geoff and Stella. I have of course said nothing to them.

As per P.S. on outside of envelope of last letter, we are catching the 10-05 a.m. from Paddington on the 9th which is a through train to Yatton due 1-08 p.m. I expect we shall endeavour to work towards the rear but not quite so far as last time. Can of course do with some prompt assistance from train.

We have to-day visited Yiewsley, transit arranged by kind permission of the Grays. I am afraid that it has been very hot and children found it very trying. Generally they were quite good but inclined to be a bit crotchety. They have been running round in nothing but a pair of pants and looked a darn sight cooler than I felt. Carol walks round the furniture very well now and has had the confidence to stand on her own just a couple of times. She twice climbed the stairs from the “Dug-out” to the Shop over at Grandma’s today. She has quite a lot of words now some distinct and some less so. We had our breakfast out in the garden again to-day as it was so warm. It is a bit tricky as table space not so great as indoors.

Fetched out some of my Beetroot Wine yesterday, and found it has a taste similar to your Elderberry although not quite so pronounced. Gave Gray a bottle and put the rest back for further maturing. At the time I saw the bottles of Clevedon Apple Wine and although the bulk of the wine is clear, there appears to be a certain amount of flotsam in the bottles. Will leave a little longer then strain. Dug up the Nasturiums yesterday, they were covered with Black Fly and infecting everything else including the Montbretia. I have transplanted the Chrysanthemums in their place, which was behind the Dahlias you bought. The latter have again had their black fly scraped off and are not looking too bad. No sign of flower from the Mesembryanthemums although they have made terrific growth since planting. We have a strange a range plant, tall, red daisy1ike flowers with yellow edges. Can this be the Agrostemma you gave us last year. I suppose the flower heads must be about three feet from the ground. The carnations are just coming into flower and I have staked them as they are a bit sloppy. Have also transplanted Double Orange or Mock Orange that you brought up. This time it is at the bottom of the garden so when large will make a good screen. The effect of last week’s rain soon wore off and soil is as bad as it ever was. It takes a very long time evenings to carry all the water. Have now got most of the Cactus plants in the shed where the watering gets proper supervision. All the plants therein are still doing quite well but seem to be suffering from heat exhaustion. I can sympathise. No more office news since the last. We shall of course bring the minimum of luggage but I suppose it will contain everything including the kitchen sink as usual. Have not been able to contact Pauline re visit but hope to do so soon. I am uncertain which train she will catch but it will be after noon on Saturday. Well other than to say we are well and hope you are, had better save the rest until Thursday. Looking forward to coming down and hoping for decent weather but not too hot.

Love June Susan, Carol and Alec


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