Wednesday 16th March, 1960

Eva to the family, on smart letterheaded paper:

Dear Alec June Susan & Carol

Many thanks for letters. I am a bit late in answering last week’s, had the screws in my neck, it was the wet weather. We are very interested about the children they keep you guessing alright.

We were shocked to hear of Graham’s death, never dreamed he was delicate. Now I come to think of it his parents died very early didn’t they, it must be a terrible blow to Iris. We haven’t written either, it is very difficult to write letters of condolence.

We went to Exeter yesterday and oh what a day of it. To begin with it poured with rain the whole time. We went straight and got some flowers then took a bus out to Butts Lane. After putting flowers on grave we went back again to city and had lunch in the Burlington restaurant in High St, been there before.

Well it was only 12.30 when we had come out so mouched [sic] around the shops bought Dad his birthday present etc. & had loads of time. By that time my neck was aching again & we were getting wet so we decided to go back to Taunton earlier left 2 p.m. instead of 3.45 & had the pleasure of waiting there over 1 1/2 hours. Fortunately the train came & we were able to get in. It was still raining when we arrived home at 6.10 p.m.

This morning the weather was very nice but hazy so did the washing but by the middle of the afternoon we had a bad storm.

Dad has been very busy planting out lettuces & chrysanths etc. Also doing bit of digging. I have planted Parsley & Virginia Stocks.

Don & Joan are coming up next Sunday to lunch. We should have been very pleased to see you had you been coming but we shall soon be with you I hope.

No the tea at the laundry did not taste soapy it was a jolly good one. There were hot mince pies scones & butter & every kind of cake including some home made ones. First of all we went over the washing part etc. then tea and after went over the dry cleaning part. They don’t use detergent, only soap soda & a little bleach on table cloths. There were thousands of articles all packed in the containers which boys manipulated.

One of the girls was ironing shirts said she did nothing but that all day & every day, I should be heartily sick of it. The noise in there was terrific & they will only take parties of 15 at a time you can see why as they wouldn’t be able to get near enough to the man who was describing the processes.

I believe we are going somewhere else in June sometime, there was something said about looking at some printing works, another noisy place.

I hope you are all noticing the posh paper which I bought about two years ago. I air it now and then.

Soole is going to be married the same day as Princess Margaret only half on hour earlier. Just like him isn’t it. he wants organ & bells etc. His father is out of hospital but at the Highcliffe Hotel for the time being query whether he will ever take part in a service again.

You know Kelly, he used to live just round the corner next house to where Cummings live now, had three little girls. He moved to the Wilderness up behind Dyers at East Clevedon.

Well I think this is all now so hope you all are quite well.

Lots of love from Mum & Dad

P.S. Please keep that private about Soole & he doesn’t want it got about yet.