Monday 29th June 1959

Alec to his parents

Dear Mum and Dad

Just a brief note to thank Dad very much for the brace and bits, it is a first class implement and much superior to others I have seen. The parcel duly arrived on the 9-0 a.m. Bristol and I had the train met. Thank Mother for letter dated 27th which arrived to-day. Susan was pleased with her letter, but I am afraid she has been a naughty girl again to-day. She was taken out for a walk despite the fact that she had been naughty and when she came home apparently she played up again and was sent to bed at 4.10 p.m. Of course she promptly went to sleep and has been awake most of the evening so far. Good idea to fix hair appointments early, the kids should be less trouble that way. You don’t want to overdo the path making or by time we get down you will not have any energy left and by gum you will need some. We had lots of rain in the night and again to-day so garden is very wet. Grass and weeds again shooting up. Note operations on the cake taking place but don’t slip up and think you are still path making. I am not surprised the house next door is in a poor condition, Mrs C did not look particularly bright to me. I know a Spencer in Knowles Rd, if it is the same one he is fellow I used to Home Guard with at the West End Post. Note also that Mother has been doing a little Duck shooting, you should save these Bonfire Night tricks until the 5th. Well that’s all for now, no further office news.



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