Wednesday 20th February, 1963

[Continued from Tuesday 19th February, 1963]

After yesterday’s slight snow which made a very thin covering on the ground it is bright and sunny today that’s quite warm behind glass but still cold Outdoors. Have had no reply from Ministry of National Health [sic] people in Liverpool suppose it will take them weeks to write. Last night’s paper indicated that the firm of Yeates had been cleared of the charges mentioned earlier in this letter but unfortunately paper has been destroyed but it will be in next week’s local. There was also an announcement from the Weston U.D.C. that parking charges are going up to 2/6d per car [£3.18 in 2023 money] – a rise of 6d. This is getting beyond a joke.

Have not seen Roy Hewitt this week – he has not been able to get up here since before Christmas – but I believe he is now able to get out for short walks where the snow has been cleared.

I have taken down the curtain rail which we had behind the sitting room door. Mum thought it was a bit heavy and wanted a lighter one which we have ready to go up. Personally I think the original one is quite good and before disposing of it wondered whether it would be any good to you. It is in good order as only wants a clean. Don’t hesitate to say if you do not want it as we can soon get rid of it here but would rather you had it if you have any use for it.

The Test Match seems to have fizzled out rather tamely and altogether I think our team put up a poor show in this series. Will have to look for some reliable batsmen when the next series is played in England.

Just looking up the dates and find that if we come up to you on the Thursday before Easter we shall be on the road seven weeks tomorrow the 21st inst – not long now. Just get rid of all the snow etc. and turn on the sunshine by then.

I see I have to get car certified by the end of April – Marples now having all cars over five years old tested.

No more now. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Mum and Dad. 


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