Wednesday 6th February, 1963

[Continued from Tuesday 5th February, 1963]

When we looked out this morning we found there had been a lot of snow in the night and it was still coming down – this time the direction is from the East-South East. Already there is a fourinch layer on the ground which depth is increasing fast.  Drifting is also taking place and we seem to be heading for some more hard work clearing paths. Mutt and Jeff (Cornish and Heel) will be busy again too. Latter already trying to clear path has given up halfway down. Small coating of snow already on top of car in garage. Have left front gate half open to enable milkman postman etc. to get in. Last heavy fall we could not open gate very easily hence precaution this time. It must be bad for you at Ruislip getting to station, shops and school – perhaps you will escape this lot. I hope so. Can assure you we shall not venture far away from house and we still keep fire in living room light continuously. Have just been out (10 a.m.) and cleared passage to front gate during a lull in the snowfall. Sky as black as ink and obviously more snow very near. M&J were both at it. Would you believe it – it is snowing again as thick as ever at 10:30 a.m.. Mum has gone down to the post office for a few odds and ends.

As last week there is not much local news apart from the weather. No letter from Don yet this week and I expect they are having a rough time of it at Lyng and Durston.

Referring to the flock of geese we saw last week flying overhead, I see in paper that Peter Scott says a lot of wild geese have left a Slimbridge because of the weather and it is probable that the ones we saw were from that place and en route to Africa. Pity we could not clear out as easily as that for the winter.

Do you look in to the program ‘That Was The Week That Was‘ on TV late on Saturday nights? Some of it is real good. Newspapers, public men and other personalities come in for a good shaking – so much so that the papers concerned are upset and at least one legal action is pending from one individual who was given the works.

No more now. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls.

Mum and and Dad. 


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