Wednesday 30th January, 1963

[Continued from Tuesday 29th January, 1963]

More snow during the night – about an inch deep and with the thaw the roads are in terrible state this morning. Mum could not get her hearing aid to function at all and I had to phone Fortiphones (London) to ascertain best thing to do. Only solution from them was to return set and they would repair as quickly as possible. When I got back home found Mum had somewhat repaired set and it was working very well. Then Bushell called and said he could now get four bags of Glowcoal from Yeates if it could be fetched so went down with him and brought them home quickly as he was right out of coal again.

Should imagine from the T.V. news that the snow was pretty general and may have started earlier at your end. We have had enough for one winter but we are not out of the woods yet. Marshall told me this morning they are having pigeons for dinner – some of the wood variety that have been alighting on gardens for food. He said they were not too bad considering the lean time the birds have been having lately.

Les Garland’s wife is now home again from Frenchay Hospital but has to take things very quietly. Now understand Mrs Cummings had cracked her shoulder blade and not broken bone in wrist as previously stated but going on alright.

Getting near the end of the page again. Wondering if you both dream of burst pipes and iced-up tanks etc etc. We still cannot see garden and this season’s work on it will be very much in arrears as it will take some time to dry out when the snow has disappeared.

No more now. All my love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Mum and Dad.

Ps Thursday morning snowing again from 9 a.m.. 


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