Wednesday 9th January, 1963

Continued from Tuesday 8th January, 1963:

Many thanks for letter received first post this morning – very sorry to hear June has some throat trouble and Carol another touch of catarrh. It is a wonder anybody can keep going these days, the weather is terrible. Anyhow we hope they will soon shake it off.

I’m surprised to hear the Wellingtons rub the skin of the feet – perhaps they are a size too large? You too have had some very bad weather but I think on balance it has been more severe around here. Noted you have been able to use car – this is more than we have been able to do for more reasons than one as previously stated.

So letter only turned up on Saturday. I struggled down to Post Box in the blizzard in time to catch the 1:15 p.m. collection on Thursday but like everything else the Post Office people were out of gear.

Yes a week today the move from West Drayton will be well under way and once again we hope everything proceeds satisfactorily and that the weather is much improved by then.

No we do not help Mrs Marshall go her rounds of the poultry yard – Bissix who lives opposite her goes across sometimes.

Your delivery of papers worse than ours. Our man only missed one day but has been very late on many others. The milkman missed us one day and delivered only one pint each on another day otherwise normal in this respect. So you had the Fine Food shop to yourselves then. A good one about the rent man having to take it out of the knocker at some houses following the lay-in of food.

So the girls enjoyed their party last Saturday. The young idea to only want the good parties at Sunday Schools or flats – Susan’s brain working it all out again?

I suppose I should have said that everything at Lyng must be new except the house. Cannot see them ever shifting from there although at the moment he cannot get in or out with car because of the slippery slope.

Sorry to hear Peter out of the job again – is he looking for anything in particular? Particular nice of him to help clear the snow from drive – most welcome in fact as you could not have tackled it very well. Yes we thought of Christopher on Tuesday and also of Susan as we imagined she would be returning to school. Not very nice walking to and fro. Carol will soon be off as well – my word how they are growing up. The holiday here this time has been a great one for the children who have been tobogganing down the side of Church Hill. I also noticed they had a go on Wains’ Hill.

We hear Les Garland’s wife – now in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol – is improving slightly but it will be another fortnight before can think of getting her home again. We also hear that Sheila their younger daughter has taken over the ladies’ hairdressing business of Hamblin’s at Six Ways (near Babyland). She has been with this firm ever since she left school.

By the way did you find any snow in the attic? A lot of reports around here indicate this trouble but we seem to be free.

Poor old Joey has been on short rations for a couple of days this week. I told Norman Baker Sunday night that we had given the horse the last of the bale of hay at 1 p.m. that day and he would not have any for breakfast until he (Norman) brought him some. We actually fed him on bread etc. but no hay arrived on Monday and at 11 a.m. Tuesday I phoned Norman’s house only to find he has gone to Winford market. However Mrs Baker said she would tell him when he arrived home. At 5:30 p.m. Mrs Baker arrived with two bales of hay – said Norman had had an awful job getting to and from Winford and had only just got home. She (Mrs Baker) carried the bales in one by one before I could stop her. Apparently she is used to it. Joey quite happy again now but he still cannot see or get any grass.

I like the idea of a St. Bernard dog for mother – puzzle find the dog first, let alone the brandy.

Meant to have told you last week Mrs Cornish has now had a taste of the apricot wine and says it is excellent. Have still a small drop left.

Yes we will keep the W.R. December mag for you.

Most of our pot plants have had a rough time recently and some of them have flopped altogether. The primulas were all frosted one morning but mum gave them some warm water and they revived alright. I’m afraid some of the others are gone all together now and even indoors the tradescantia have heeled over. Some of the potatoes now seem to have taken some of the frost but still are usable. It just does not seem possible to counteract such severe weather and I suppose we must put up with it. Yet how do they get on in Norway and Sweden?

Have you heard from the Benns over this period as to how they are getting on? Wonder how he has got his car in and out?

No more this time. I hope you will soon be better and that road conditions improve quickly. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Mum and dad

P.S. Guttering on next two houses to us (Bushells and Mrs Drewett’s old house) crashed down under weight of snow and broke glass in verandas underneath.


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