Wednesday 2nd January, 1963

Continued from Tuesday 1st January, 1963

So far no more snow since yesterday but the colder East wind is now springing up and probably heralds the blizzard forecast last night. I’ve been down and blocked up the crevices between roof and sides of garage hoping to obviate the trouble experience last Saturday night. Mum has just gone out to deliver the January [Parish] Mags but will not complete if weather too bad. This morning I started to dig a path way down to the bottom of garden but gave up for the time being when I reached a point opposite the pond – will continue possibly tomorrow. In surrounding district it has been very bad and I think we have escaped the worst so far. Milk is scarce but we have had one pint per day and are satisfied. Bread too is short but our baker has kept us going. Now vegetables will be short this coming weekend. Had to get off about a foot of snow just now to get at a cabbage underneath for dinner. Potatoes stored in garage are alright to date and not frosted. The piled snow is still as high as yesterday and no sign of lessening so car continues to be blocked in – perhaps it is all for the best at the moment. Our living room is rather dark at present because of the snow on top of glass outside French window but this should help cushion the snow which is on top of main roof when it begins to thaw and fall down. The glass over the back door is protected by netting along ridge of roof – expect you remember this. If you eventually have your little porch or conservatory outside your back door be sure to have some netting fixed along the ridge of your main roof*.

I’m glad you liked the homemade wines. I particularly like the cherry with orange and the elderberry brandy and have a bottle of the former in house for daily consumption at dinner times. Strange but true that I like it better than the proprietary brands of wines.

Wonders never cease. Last Saturday on the pools I did a small perm on the Nothing Barred list of Hills. Only four of the games I covered were played and these all came up. Hills did not cancel their pools for that weekend as did most of the other firms and this morning I had 17/6d from him. [Approx. £20 in 2023 money.] Mum now wants to know when I want her 2/6d [£2.85] towards the entry.

Have you any idea yet of your reassessment on the house? Understand the details for Clevedon are available for inspection at the Council House but who is going up there this weather? General opinion here is that most properties will go up by about 2.5 percent. Looks as if I shall have to get a job as road sweeper or something to keep going. Have ruled out a tent since the snow came.

This is about the lot for another week – mostly about the weather I’m afraid but it is the chief topic down here. Once again wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and all our love to you both and lots of kisses for our two dear little girls.

Eva to the family: 

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol

Thank you all for the nice letters and drawings. Well Christmas has come and gone again, and we shall not forget this one for some time. The snow is laying about and waiting for the next lot we have been promised. When you go out you simply put your feet into somebody else’s footprints and they go deep believe me. The horse is a nuisance just now as it means an extra journey to garage.

The party went off alright but the bellringers had to broom themselves before coming into the house, I mean their shoes. It was a shuttle service and they did full justice to the food. Mrs Cornish and I took fine care we received some mince pies for ourselves this time as we never got a look in last year. The cureate is giving a party at Ledene, St Andrews Drive, tonight for youth club. Shades of Ms Emly the former owner. I’m glad your move was printed at last and expect some of the railwaymen will stare.

Can hardly believe Christopher has reached the school age, hope he does not play Delphine up the first day. It’s nothing but big snowmen around here and the children have them coloured don’t know how they do it but they are striped all colours.** There are no buses running from Bristol and the Co-op people have not delivered any bread since Saturday. That is why Alec Parker is doing such a roaring trade. We did have one pint of milk today after all. Hope you get on with supplies alright. Lots of love. Mum and Dad. 

*This plan never materialised, as four years later we left that house and relocated in a very different part of the country.

**Poster paints would be my suggestion – dab paint powder onto a wet surface like snow and the results would be spectacular.


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