Wednesday 21st November, 1962

[Continued from Tuesday 20th November, 1962]

Nothing much to report since yesterday except that the weather is colder in one sense, being raw and damp. Heels started to cut hedge alongside ours but soon gave up. He is very much in arrears owing to being away about six weeks in September and October.

Wonder how all your colds are today. Should take first opportunity Alec of having injection against flu. This early start to winter does not look very promising – may be wrong of course and hope I am but it certainly is early for such bad conditions.

Have just noticed there is a football match on T.V. this evening so you can guess where I shall be. Mum has gone to T.W.G. (No ice cream today.) Could hope it might be something hot.

Well no more this time. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Hope colds will be gone by the time you write next.

Mum and Dad. 


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