Wednesday 14th of November

Leonard to the family (continued from Tuesday 13th November):

Continuing from yesterday have now finished off the runner bean sticks off the second row and leave them up against the hedge to dry off. Not such a nice day – no sun – but very warm around midday. Have now decided to go to Weston Thursday when shall try and get fire brick. Also have to get paper, paint etc. for sitting room although operations have been postponed until after Christmas.

A letter from Geoff this morning says the 6% increase is to be based on salaries and wages that were in operation before the last 3% rise. The B.T.C.C. save a few pounds by this arrangement. It seems that the 9% rise from the two Awards is calculated from the previous rates of pay. Anyhow I do not suppose anybody is going to make a fuss about that. Very pleased to see the Fords management are sticking to their guns and will not re-employ the 70 troublemakers.

Any further progress at number 17 Eccleston Road yet? Hope both Mr and Mrs Baker are keeping alright these days also Peter* and Pauline – sorry we did not see any of them on our last visit but time was rather short. Perhaps next visit we may see them at Eccleston Road.

Geoff sent on the usual wine list for us to have a go at for Christmas. Does E.R. do the same as W.R. in this respect? Quite a saving by getting a few bottles from that source.

Ted Caple told me the other day he had had a bit of fun with another motorist in the Stroud area. Apparently this other individual passed Caple by crossing a double white line on a bend and later on the journey he caught up with him at some restaurant and tackled him about it. The man whose wife was with him poo-pooed the incident so Caple said he would report him. He did so and after some weeks had a reply from the police thanking him for his public spirited action and saying they had interviewed the man traced by the car number who had denied the occurrence and was supported by his wife in the denial.  Police said they felt the man was in the wrong by the way his wife gave her information but it was not considered desirable to prosecute. The police finished up by saying that they thought the action taken would prevent another case arising by this individual. As a matter of fact some individual passed us over the double white line on our way back from Ruislip a fortnight ago but he was going so fast did not even get his number. He was lucky as there was nothing coming in the opposite direction at the time but there well could have been.

Well I think this is about the lot once more. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for our two dear little girls.

Mum and Dad. 

*In the course of preparing this blog post we learned of the death of Peter Baker on 1 March 2021 – yes, it took eighteen months to get this information. Peter was the last family member of his generation.


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