Wednesday 5th September, 1962

[Letter of Tuesday 4th September, 1962 continues]

After a stormy night and morning the weather cleared and Mum and I have been to Weston – parked in the yard by the Melrose Cafe and looked around the shops etc. It was a glorious afternoon and many people about. Quite a contrast to the day we visited the Aquarium.

Saw Roy Hewitt this morning and told him of your move. He said ‘Tell Alec I congratulate him and wish him the best of good fortune on the new work’. Also told Bill Aston who also was very pleased to hear of the promotion.

Expect Susan back at school now and Carol on her own again. Glad they liked the cards. I understand they were the only ones mum had in duplicate. Perhaps there will be more later.

The rain during the past 24-hours has filled all receptacles again to overflowing – could not do any work outside today but as I’ve mentioned it was lovely at Weston this afternoon.

I was going to ask you if when next in the Tottenham Court Road area you could get me a couple of fermentation locks (plastic for preference) and a couple of dozen stoppers for me to have in October but your movements will now be some distance from place named so as usual I’m too late. Racked off the Cherry-with-Orange wine into to sweet jars and already it tastes quite nice.

Norman Allen called round yesterday to say another little girl had arrived in the family. He was having some leave to help cope at home and said that the T.S.S.A. had turned down his application for reclassification. Also he understood there were about 128 to be made redundant in Divisional Office but nobody knew yet who would be affected. Said he was glad to hear on your move and wished you all the best.

By the way who is the top man in the office to which you are going? and what is his actual designation? Are there divisional offices on the Eastern as on the Western or is the organisation covered from Liverpool Street entirely. Seems like it by the gist of your letter. All very interesting Alec and we shall be pleased with any information you can as time goes on give us.

No more now. Love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Shall be thinking of you next week – once again our very best wishes and congratulations on getting such a good move. 


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