Wednesday 13th June, 1962

Leonard to the family:

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol

It’s just about 7:15 p.m. and I’ve just come in off the garden, but first things first. We had a good run back today and after calling at Marlborough (10:50 to 11:30) arrived home 1:50 p.m.. After leaving Bath we took the country route from Newton St Loe and avoided Bristol. Called at Marksbury for petrol and at Clevedon for a loaf of bread.

You gave us a lovely time and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but sorry Alec was off colour with the cold and that the car was in dock. We thought the girls had grown quite a lot since we last saw them and they are obviously older in manner. The time went very quickly but we have something to look forward to in your visit in August. Meanwhile we must get busy to have things a bit shipshape.

It was nice to see Mrs Baker even if only for a short while and we hope the operation and rest will do her a world of good. We realise the real worry is the business and can only hope that something will turn up to satisfactorily deal with that situation. What about the car Alec? Hope you have had the news you have been waiting for and that car will soon be back in your garage. My car appreciated the use of same during our visit but its presence hampered your activities somewhat.

The wine travelled safely and will be tasted presently. The wireless set, for which again many thanks, is connected up in bedroom and programmes are good and clear.

When I went down garden about 2.0 p.m. I could see things were very dried up and some of the tomatoes in greenhouse were also very dry so I changed quickly and after dinner got busy with hose pipe. Later I coupled up the plastic hose to the rubber one and used to the new circular screw clips to clamp the holder in position. It is a perfect job. After tea had hose pipe with extension on runner beans and gave them a good soaking together with other crops needing water.

We hear that Mr Heel (next door neighbour) was taken ill during the night of 12th -13th and ambulance was called for this morning at 7:30 a.m. and he was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, Bristol for emergency operations. Apparently one was for the prostate gland and the other – to be performed this evening – for haemorrhoids. Mrs Heel had to be in the hospital this evening for surgeon to tell her the results of operations.

The rats tail cactus we told you about now has about 25 flowers on it, each of them about 3 inches long, trumpet-shaped and a lovely magenta colour. It is really a picture. We have two or three more rats tail cacti but no flowers on them.

This evening just before coming indoors I drained out the deep part of the pond ready for drying off before treatment with snowcem. There were several live small eels and a flat fish about the size of a penny.

According to this week’s Mercury a new Curate has been appointed to the parish and started last Sunday – this is the first I’ve heard of him.

A picture in tonight’s Evening Post shows a three car accident in Bristol today involving a Clevedonian who was taken to hospital with injuries.

Well I think this must be all this time. It hardly seems possible that we have been to number 84 and are back home again, still it will not be long to August.

Again many thanks for all your kindness to us. All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls.

Mum and Dad

Eva to the family on the remaining quarter sheet of Leonard’s paper:

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol

Just a few lines to say we arrived all in one piece, and thank you very much for a nice time with you. I nearly forgot the bread, as we were passing through Clevedon a baker’s shop which only keeps open on Wednesday afternoons reminded me so got one.

Soon got busy when we got indoors. Dad put up the new shade and looks very well and the old one will go nicely in the bedrooms right colour for it. This morning Mrs Heel also heard from her sister-in-law that Mr Heel’s brother had died, they were coming down in three weeks time he had cancer of throat.

Hope the colds are all better and the children are o.k. We miss their chatter love from Dad and Mum.

P.S. Card here from Norway having a wonderful time.


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