Wednesday 21st March, 1962

Leonard to the family (continued from 20th March):

Thank you all very much for your letter received this morning with best wishes for my 65th birthday. A very nice card from Susan too, thank you Susan. Not quite so quick with the pension Alec, the starting date for that is the Monday following the 65th birthday – you must remember that.

Sorry Susan had to have a day off but just as well to take no risk – hope she is better now. How did you get on at the hospital? I certainly should not have gone back to work for another couple of days, the weather is still very cold and wind keeps in the northeast.

Fancy Carol remembering the church bells and that I go ringing. Susan using her brain saying they don’t have weddings on Sundays – working things out in her own way.*

Yes well wrapped up is right so far as we are concerned. Even when working in garden I’ve had to keep my coat and cap on which I am generally loathe to do. Last Saturday I put in a couple of rows of peas and on Monday most of the small seeds but I was glad to get inside the greenhouse again. 

The seawall had a severe pounding earlier this winter and if repairs had not been effected quickly the spring tides with a north-west wind behind them would have been disastrous. Fortunately for us the wind veered to south-east, consequently the south coast had it.

Note your kitchen repairs still not started. Everybody seems to be in the same boat nowadays, waiting the convenience of the workmen.

Talking about lawn mowing I got my motor mower out on Saturday and was able to start it up within five minutes so cut the grass on the big and small lawns. According to my gardening diary however I am a week later than last year with it.

So your neighbours are almost decided on Weston – hope they will like it in the West Country. Just as convenient for him to get to and fro to Bristol as from Clevedon by road.

Had one surprise this morning. A letter arrived from Swindon from Bernard Carver who retired in 1947. He used to attend the freight train meetings long before Armour arrived on the scene. Carver knew it was my birthday and that I was 65 which was most amazing as in the first place I never knew he had any idea of it and moreover I have not seen or heard of him since he retired. He finished at 60 and is now 76 and has been to America twice since 1947 to see his son and family who are there.

Yes I remember you started at Clevedon on the 21st March 1938 so have now got 24 years service in. Whatever you do stick to the Work Study until there is no more to be had from it, but I should imagine it would see you through your career.

Heard from Geoff and family this morning and from Don and Joan. Also cards from Mr Newman and Miss Spellings (Bristol TM) not to mention a card from Mrs Marshall who was told by mum the date.

Your bottom fence is a bit of a problem. Pity you have not a thick rose hedge along but I suppose really you must have some sort of a fence.

Don was much impressed with the typewriter and thought I had a good buy. He has since sent me a felt pad for same and a couple of ribbons although it is a new one already in the machine. Will keep one of the ribbons for you but query if it will fit a portable. Can but try.

Note plenty of work waiting at the office. That is the usual procedure.

Have noted June’s remark on back of envelope and thank you all very much in anticipation.

You will be interested to know the old caravan which has stood at the end of the garden in Old Miss Martin’s premises has at last been dismantled and removed. It has been an eyesore for years and was right in our line of vision looking down the garden path. The present owner of the house got some junk merchants in to demolish it.

Well I think this is about all for another week but once again many thanks to you all for your kind remembrances of the 21st.

All our love to you both and lots of kisses for the girls. Mum and Dad

*Well, yes, children have brains – how astonishing!

Eva to the family on the remaining one-eighth of a sheet of Leonard’s writing paper:

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol,

Many thanks for letter and glad you are all going on alright. Hope you had good news from the hospital and are able to start work again. It is not quite so cold now but could do with it warmer. I don’t get on with the typewriter very well it’s quicker by hand. We have to be busy gardening now. Hope June’s mother is feeling better. We are having a jumble sale at the Guild on April 7th – any junk? Will tell you next time where we are going on a outing, hope it’s the Isle of Wight.

No more now lots of love Mum and Dad. 


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