Sunday 18th June, 1961

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks once again for weekly letter. It will be Interesting to learn what variations the A.A. give for the route back via Frome Radstock etc. We could have gone via Devizes and Marlborough but decided on Warminster as we liked the A.303. No doubt they will be able to give you a shorter route than the 152 miles we took. The road from Chew Stoke to West Harptree is very hilly and narrow but elsewhere the road is more than wide enough. No doubt you have both had a rest and recovered from our visit.

Work did not go so badly this week. It was apparent that the week would be disrupted so fitted in a visit or two. Must go to Maidenhead some time this week and have to go to Reading to see Snow. Looks like we shall start Kensington almost immediately, and that will be another of my pigeons so plenty on hand.

I heard that the traffic moving towards the West was heavy, and that there were jams at Honiton and the Exeter by-pass, but we had no real difficulty. Plenty going the other way though.

Most of the dahlias I put out seem to have taken. I can be certain of 33 from the 36, but as the others were only sprouting white shoots will have to wait a day or two for leaf to appear. Re deck chairs, I find that our other one is in order.

Glad to hear that the pond is keeping up. Perhaps it is in order, and the first filling was partially absorbed by the concrete. No doubt you will know for certain in a week or two. Glad to have tidings of the livestock. Any sign of the newt? I see that we were fishing illegally as the Coarse Fishing season did not open until Friday 16th June. Perhaps we deserve some leniency in view of the ‘catch’?

Some effort on the cinerarias, What happened to the other two? Our cacti are all in good condition and now bedeck the landing window.

June has been busy putting a lick or two of paint over the walls in the front room. We have quite a bit of the paint we used and a dab or two smartens things up a lot. My work on the T.V. cabinet had left a few marks. We also wanted to paint the hardboard surface of the T.V. shelf/cabinet but the paint has not taken well. Look as if it will have to have several coats.

Got our first film back from the dealers. Apart from the one blank that I knew about, there were no failures, and we have 21 good colour transparencies. Have looked at them through a viewer lent by Eric, and have since built a rough sort of projector. This throws the pictures on the wall in colour, but due to the low power of bulb, they are as yet only feint [sic]. A stronger bulb should do the trick. Still have about three shots left on our second film and no doubt we shall use It up next week-end when Junes friends Les and Barbara and their little girl call.

Cut the two back lawns yesterday and the grass looks very good. There is a lot of clover in it how so it is green enough.

Well you heard Beechings Pill too, did you He does not seem to gild the lily, and has good reasons for doing what he intends to do, but after all he is only reflecting Government Policy in the matter – could he do otherwise?

We have conveyed Stella’s ring to its proper address. Job was done yesterday when out on our usual shopping jaunt.

Note Mothers bath with the sprinkler. Expect that to be used regularly when the weather Is hot.

I saw Norman Allen at Bristol, and he told me of their new arrival.

Doug and I have ordered the wood for a respectable bit of side fencing each. He has set two concrete posts and a couple of uprights and intends to run his between his garage and the house, with a gate near the garage. Mine will ran from the garage along the back of the replaced coal bunker, then at a slight angle toward the house, with the gate next to the house. Arranged for him to order in bulk to get the cheaper rate, then ran into him in Eastcote Timber Supplies when he was placing the order. Doubt if I shall have much of mine done next week end in view of the guests coming, but we shall probably do his first. I have to get a couple of concrete posts first.

Saw Bob Hill again in the week. By the way I should hare passed on his kind regards when I came down, he mentioned it some time ago.

Ken Lay is looking for a house at Brighton in view of his retirement in four years. Everything is going fairly well except short of staff as ever. Well will close now and look forward to your next. Love from us all.


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