Sunday 11th June, 1961

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad

Well we got back safely as you know, so thank you for a very nice week. We all enjoyed it very much and are only sorry that it is all over for a while. We had a lot of correspondence on the mat when we got back including one from the office to say I am required to attend a meeting at Bristol on Monday. Shall have to go on the Bristolian so will not see much of the office at all until Tuesday. Cant get round to thinking about work yet so expect I shall be a little vague at the discussion.

The girls stood the return trip very well. We made but poor progress in the early stages as we had to keep stopping to read signposts and lost our way a couple of times. The route is not a bad one at all. After Radstock there are many miles of good main road with no traffic on either way. Some of the roads would take four lanes of traffic too. Cars moving towards the West were many and continuous but there was not an awful lot going our way. Plenty of road hogs though. Frome was a little strange and Andover quite a problem to pass through due to succession of traffic lights immediately following a level crossing. We decided not to past through Staines again so turned off the A30 to cut through Wraysbury and Datchet. This route took us to Iver to we dropped in at Yiewsley to see the folks. Had lunch there and got here about 4-0pm, Took some time to clear all the bags and baggage from the car as you might expect but all travelled safely.

This morning at June’s request I have moved the coal bunker with assistance from Doug and Ronny. It now runs parallel to the path. It took a bit of shifting – the lid weighs about 2cwt. That job and the clearing up that went with it took all the morning and part of the afternoon. We got so much involved that lunch was very late and it was impossible to get the children ready in time for Sunday School so they had to miss that for this week. Of course with the bunker moved a temporary fence had to be put up to keep someone in. That job done, I attended to the Dahlias. From those saved from last year and put in boxes I have divided into 36 separate plants and put them out in garden plot, and also had three clumps over which I gave Mrs Benn. The lawn could do with cutting. There are many long shoots sticking up all over the place making it look most untidy. The roses are nearly over but we returned in time to see them. Some of the chrysants have revived after watering so they are not a complete loss.

After all the jobs had been done, I sat down in the deck chair but after five minutes of that the canvas split and I nearly landed on the lawn between the shafts. Packed it up and had a bath – more restful.

Have read some of the Field but do not think much of them. Do not see what the idea is in changing.

Dougs car broke down on return from holiday – bearing gone in back axle – had to ring A.A. Did the last twenty miles at 10 m.p.h. and all the load off the defective wheel.

Note you have brought the log up, have there been any more catches yet? Well will close now, understand June is writing a few words. Love from us all.


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