Monday 9th January, 1961

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad

Just a day late this week, barring posting accidents. Could not get round to writing yesterday due to the visit of Geoff and family. Yours truly in action from 2-30 pm to 9-0 pm. I am afraid the big news of the week is all bad although things are fully restored now. Will answer your letter first and then enlighten you.

I expect you would have liked to see their faces when they saw the prams. Susan was in the lead and got to the front room door first but she stopped for a second or two in the doorway taking it all in before she trotted in. They had a good time with all their new toys. Yes we will be looking forward to seeing you at Easter, leave dates to you.

I was to have gone to Cardiff Tuesday of this week but plans changed and will probably go next week now. It will only be three weeks now before I go to the London Division, and believe me I shall not be sorry.

You certainly seem to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances with whom to exchange visits. No doubt you will have been able to sample the relative quality of the mince pies. I note the odd numbers etc are still breathing out etc at your bellringers evenings. According to Mothers note she was washing up in the early hours. One thing I expect you got an early morning cup of tea – with a vengeance. I note also that the Lyng cider went down well, and apparently stayed down. Some contract to mix it with sherry.

Dan Mann is anxious to live in Bristol itself, I would have thought that he would have taken the opportunity to live outside but it appears that his wife likes Bristol itself although I do not remember which part.

A correction on the Vinegar of mine. I thought it was the plum wine that had gone off because of its colour but I found my two large Jars of plum after I wrote to you and they both tasted fine. It seems that the apple wine that I had in the same compartment had turned dark as well as turning vinegary. Have made some Apricot/ Grape/Orange/Celery wine – some mixture.

You have certainly dug quite a big slice of land. If a piece that size were dug in our garden that would complete the work for one year.

Dropped a no note to the Council about the garage. Had told them it would be av available for inspection from Oct* 15th but no-one came. Last week some one came to the front door and mumbled something about “garage”. June offered to open the doors but he did not want to see inside or go round the back of it to inspect. He walked off without saying anything and nothing by post yet.

Nice to be able to see Mrs Hillman again. Some changes up at Alexandra Rd. I expect Dad will patronise the do it yourself shop.

Well to tell you the story of our plight this week, we start on Thursday. We went to bed about 10-30 pm and were disturbed at 11-0 pm by Carol, She was crying and coughing and became sick. Things got steadily worse as she could not get her breath. We took her down stairs but the reaching continued so we sent for Doctor. He soon came and made out a prescription which he said should be made up at once, I dressed and got car out and hammered on the back door of the local chemist. Eventually a chap came to the door in his pyjamas only to tell me the chemists house was next door. I tapped on that door for about twenty minutes without success.

Went over to Ruislip Manor and by luck saw a man leaning out of the upstairs window. I called to him and he grumbled a bit and then came down. Got back with the medicine and it seemed to do the trick. Carol took it very well and dropped off to sleep so June decided to stay downstairs with her. One arrangement we had on advice of Doctor was kettle steaming on the hob to moisten the air. Unfortunately this fell off and poured scalding water over Junes foot at about 5-0 am and we had to ring Doctor again for her. I am afraid June had a very rough time and was in great pain with shock. Of course this has gradually diminished but she can only now put a shoe on and has the largest blister I have ever seen. I had Friday off to help out a bit and the impending visit was in jeopardy for a while. Everything going on O.K. now. What next?

Well will close with those few words and hope you are fit. Love from us all.


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