Friday 5th August, 1960

Eva to the family [on reverse of Table 152: LONDON, OXFORD, BANBURY, LEAMINGTON SPA, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, BIRMINGHAM, WOLVERHAMPTON, SHREWSBURY and CHESTER Mondays to Fridays – continued] –

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol

Many thanks for letter. We have been on the outing & had a good time. It was pouring when we left for Bristol to join Newmans but half way there it stopped & although dull most of the day was nice & dry.

It is lovely country all the way & we got there about 5.15. Starting at 2.40 p.m.* We lunched at Newmans.

Aunt Lydia & Joe had a nice time here. I told her you were enquiring about the bungalow & if you think any more about it she starts booking at Xmas. We are going down again in October for weekend when she finishes up the summer letting & has to go through the bungalow & prepare for the winter let.

Glad you are having a new job & with the old it might mean something later on.

Hope you are all feeling better & that Mr & Mrs Baker & Pauline & Peter are well.

Lots of love & kisses for girls from

Mum & Dad

*Even assuming they were in a coach of some sort, two and a half hours from Bristol to Symonds Yat is slow going; nowadays it would take about half that. They must have gone, as we used to say as children, ‘the wiggly-waggly way’.


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