Thursday 7th July, 1960

Leonard to the family (on the reverse of Table 105-continued: Cardiff, Newport, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucester, Swindon and London, and Table 131: Cardiff, Coryton, Caerphilly, Senghenydd and Rhymney):

Dear Alec June Susan and Carol,

We were very glad to hear you reached home safely on Sunday and in such good time. Hope Susan and Carol both had good journeys and enabled June to take things a bit easy. It is a fortnight ago today you arrived – how time flies. We had the best of the weather apparently for it has been very different this week. Plenty of rain and a cold strong wind which would have made things most unpleasant on the sands at Burnham or on the lawn here. At this moment (late afternoon) it is emptying down again and work outdoors impossible. We hope you enjoyed your holiday –  Mum and I certainly did and of course we were delighted to see Susan and Carol looking so well and obviously enjoying themselves. Several of the neighbours have since told us what lovely children they are. It was so quiet here for a day or two after you had gone back but I think we are more or less normal again now.

I’m sorry to say we have not had any response to the advert in the ‘Mercury’. I walked up around the hill last Sunday about 11:30 a.m. but with the long growth of grass and weeds it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. It does not look as if we shall recover the necklace now June and we are very sorry it was lost in such circumstances. On the same day (26th June) Alec Parker (one of our bell-ringers) met his wife after ringing for evening service and took a stroll around Poets Walk. They sat down on one of the seats near churchyard and as seat was very hot Mrs Parker took off her cardigan and sat on it. Whilst there Alec Parker told his wife they would walk slowly over the hill and see if they could spot the necklace of which I had just spoken about. They started off and in less than five minutes Mrs Parker realised she had left cardigan on seat so back they went but it had gone and although they retraced their steps through Salthouse Fields they could not see anybody carrying it. Loss was reported to Beach Supt. without result. The case was not to be compared with the necklace but it just shows there are some light-fingered people about. 

On Monday this week Mum and I went to library and on return – about 11 a.m. – Fire Brigade passed us  and when we turned into Tennyson Avenue the crowd were at the end of the road watching fire on the hill immediately behind Moggs’ house in exactly the same position as a fire last year which I mentioned to Alec in the week. I also noticed last Sunday on the far corner of Wains Hill (seaside corner) the shrubs and grass have been burnt to the ground for a considerable distance and understand Brigade had to turn out for this.

I filled the pond up on Monday but it leaks about half an inch per day and is now nearly down to the level of the shallow part. I’m leaving it alone for the time being to see how far it will go.

Tell Susan I am missing a young lady who last week used to open and close the front gates for me. I have to see to them myself again now. We hope you were able to get out on Monday with your friends and have a good time. It was a bit cloudy here and we had a storm or two during the day.

Had a letter from Don and I quote extract below:

“Glad you got back safely last Monday. Quite a car load. Was very pleased to see Susan and Carol once more. They are certainly fine children and growing fast.”

Put car into garage for servicing and attention on Tuesday and it is still there. Understand too small pars have to be replaced and these have to come from Bristol. Must get it out for Sunday in order to meet Geoff and family at Yatton. Hope it is fine for them the few hours they will be with us.

have been busy on garden weather permitting this week as you may imagine. mum has picked more raspberries and blackcurrants and we have sold 3 pounds raspberries to neighbours at bottom of field. had a small feed of runner beans this week but they will turn in quickly now the ground is soaked.

Well I think this is all except to say thank you both very much for such a lovely time and for the various articles including hosepipe and couplers which you gave us. So far as hose concerned before rain came to anything this week I  made good use of it.

All our love to you and lots of kisses for Susan and Carol.

Mum and Dad.

P.S.: thought June might see the funny side of the enclosed cartoon.


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