Sunday 22nd May, 1960

Alec to his (much younger) cousins:

Dear Rebbecca and Sara

Thank you both very much indeed for the card and Birthday present you sent Susan, Unfortunately Susan cannot write yet or she would have written to say thank you herself. She can draw a bit so she has drawn you a picture which is with this letter. One or two very young children came to tea with her last Saturday and both she and Carol enj­oyed themselves.

Carol gave her a blackboard and easel and since then they have put chalk on the front door and the back door, the walls and all over my shed. I do not think the blackboard was big enough.

Poor little Carol has not been very well lately. I expect she got fed up with the weather and thought it would be nicer to stay in bed. She will have to buck up and get better before we go on holiday.

Have you worn out that hammock yet? You will have to fix one up for Dad when he comes home tired after a busy day at the office. I can not think that he would get much peace though.

Susan has a copy of Alice in Wonderland and we have to read her some every night at bed time. Do you still get bedtime stories? Well I hope you recognise the picture. Love to you both.


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