Thursday 19th May, 1960

Alec to his uncle and aunt:

Dear Don and Joan

Thank you both very much for the card sent in aid of Susan’s fourth Birthday also enclosure. She is getting to be quite a big girl, in fact they both are pretty hefty for their ages. We invited a few girls in to tea on the Saturday and her little cousin Christopher came over from Greenford. It was luckily a fine afternoon so they were able to get out in the garden and generally make a mess of it and also take turns on the swing. Of course June prepared loads of grub but very little was eaten – shades of years ago.

By the time all the Mothers and Fathers had arrived we were able to make inroads on the food. I am sure Carol felt a little out of it on the 16th as when all the cards came for Susan Carol said “Carol some too”. I understand they spent the morning fighting over the presents but that is only to be expected I suppose.

Hope the new car is going well, no fears about the ten year tests next September.

It has been pouring with rain all day to-day as it did yesterday. We were crying out for rain a week or so ago but it never seems to come in moderation. At least it saves me from doing regular watering which is very tiring at the end of the day.

I understand our lads will be in the Taunton area soon so you may see something of them. I shall not be with them unfortunately.

Our dustmen have gone on strike this week so that dust bins are cluttering up the place and no where to put rubbish. I shall have to start burning the stuff when the week end comes. Of course it is all soaking wet now. I suppose they have taken exception to the popular song.*

Well here’s hoping you are still keeping fit. Love from June, Susan, Carol and Alec

*Lonnie Donegan: My Old Man’s a Dustman


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