Sunday 8th May, 1960

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for Dad’s letter which duly hit the mat just after breakfast on Saturday. Glad you liked the photo. We thought it was not too bad. Herewith is the other one of the group which was outstanding. This we think has also come out very well.

No falling downstairs to report this week thank goodness. Don’t worry about the Birthday card from the Church. I should imagine it is on the anniversary of the Baptism but we shall not be surprised if it fails to turn up.

Glad that Dad is making obvious progress and has been able to spare some energy for the bells. It has been a busy period in that line for you.

Yes Susan’s Birthday is almost upon us. It does not seem four years in some respects, but more like forty in others. She is quite a handful and I do not think Carol will be quite so bad. It is difficult to get through to Susan sometimes, and she has always been the same. It is rather different with Carol who responds more to us. I expect these things will sort themselves out eventually. When you come to think of it Susan will be due for school in a years time, and by that time Carol will probably be going to Sunday School.

It was the anniversary of the founding or building of the present Sunday School and parents were invited to attend. June and I went and took Carol with us, I enclose the form of the service. We all went in together and thought Susan would be sitting with us so overlooked to give her any collection. When the plate went round we saw a rather red-faced Susan standing up on the far side of the room saying “I have not got any, I shall have to ask my Daddy.” The last Hymn was accompanied by bells and klaxons etc etc.

We heard to-day that Iris’s Father returned home last Tuesday, Apparently they managed to dispose of the trouble without any operation. We do not know how he is but should imagine O.K.

Re golf: we had no intention of spending so long queueing but presumably neither did all the others who were there. It is a dead loss for a Sunday morning. We tried again to-day at a different course but was so bad that we had to revert to the former. It looks very much as if we shall have to scrub Sunday Golf and try to get a mid-week evening round in.

Some of your Chrysants are about a foot long now, I have pit them out of doors in their pots in a line across the garden, supported with strings. They cannot blow over and I shall repot as it becomes necessary. The plants tend to droop in the day and have to be watered every evening because of the very hot weather. Have also a pumpkin in bottom corner plot. Peas are growing, but somewhat sparse. No sign of the dwarf beans yet.

Hope Soole’s wedding went off according to plan. The other was quite a spectacle. The children saw it as it actually happened and were interested for a time but soon tired. June and I saw it at night, Eric next door was in the Abbey in Morning dress, (With television team).

Have not got round to my runner beans yet. In fact I forget where I put them. You seem to have quite a few in.

I have tried all you wine except the 2nd Plum. It is all very nice and I quite liked the Greengage but it is hard to say whether it is better than the Cherry which was very tasty. It is a good selection generally. I have all the ingredients for half gallon of apricot but have not got round to making it yet. There seems to be so much to do these days. Watering takes a deal of time each evening but I get a little assistance from Susan who waters the lettuce. I cut the two back lawns yesterday and would have done the front one but Carol was asleep and did not want to disturb her.

We went to Pinner yesterday to have a look round the shops. Was very dis­appointed with the town. We found our way into Pinner Park and it was delightful. They have a pond with Ducks on and Large Golden Carp swimming about. There is plenty of grass to play on and some cage birds in one corner. We were rather struck with the place and intend to go again. Today we went to West Drayton after the Service but did not stay very long as Carol was a bit tired. The traffic on the Western Avenue at about 3-30pm was tremendous. There were two lines going West and the cars were bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see. We crossed it from Swakeley’s Avenue and it took a minute or two to get over. When we returned the numbers had thinned out a bit. I expect the return about eight or nine o’clock will be just as bad. Can’t see the pleasure in motoring in those conditions.

Had not heard about the Match result on Easter Monday – you did not tell me. Am disgusted with the final result however. Talking about football I saw the end of the Cup Final ( and thought it a very poor match. Have not looked at the Amateur Gardeners yet but we have almost got through the Country Lifes.

Well that is all for this time. Hope you both continue to improve. A few weeks of this sunshine should do the trick ( with plenty of rain at night) Love for now from June, Susan, Carol and Alec


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