Monday 25th April, 1960

Alec to his uncle and aunt:

Dear Don and Joan,

Just a line to thank you very much for the card and enclosure sent in aid of Carol’s second Birthday. She was a very lucky girl as she had 14 Birthday Cards and we lined them all up for her on the piano. Of course she is still much too young to appreciate what i.t is all in aid of but she enjoyed herself all the same. June stuck a couple of coloured candles on a rock cake and she and Susan blew them out, I think most of the puff came from Susan.

As you know Grandad and Grandma came up to see them for Easter but I am afraid they were most unlucky as they both had wretched colds and there was no doubt it spoiled the holiday for them. I gather they are on the mend now though.

I understand you have a new car, will this mean that you may one day come as far as Ruislip? G.Y.C. 100 certainly served you well over the twenty years that you had it. As a matter of interest my registration is G.J.O. 120 something similar.

We have had the first rain to-day since well before Easter and the garden needed it very badly. From what I could see of it when I planted out some lettuces it could do with plenty more as this lot has not penetrated very far. It has only been enough to lay the dust and fetch out a few thirsty slugs.

I am afraid the children have both caught the colds. For the last three or four days Carol has been coughing fit to bust and unable to sleep for catarrah and now Susan has got it and retired to bed early to-day with the same trouble. I suppose this Winter will eventually end and we shall get some germ-free days of sunshine.

They are both growing up very fast and I bet you would not recognise Carol now for the baby who was christened at Clevedon. She is a real imp of mischief and is another little Susan with a mind of her own. She walks up and down stairs unaided and talks quite well. Susan of course is now well advanced and helps around the house in all sorts of ways. She will be thinking about school in a years time? It seems unbeleivable.

Well there it is for the time being. We hope you are both enjoying better health now, Hope to see you some time in the Summer when on visit to Clevedon.

Love for now from June, Susan, Carol and Alec


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