Sunday 27th March, 1960

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad

Dad’s letter duly received for which many thanks. I note explanation of the note-paper, I thought it was something like that. Regret I have your letter in pocket of jacket which is now in room where Carol is sleeping. Will do best to remember the salient points as I do not want to disturb her. Glad to hear that last Sunday’s visit went off well. It appears that Don is a lot better than hitherto and it sounds as though he intends to relas [sic] a bit with new car, Dont blame him for feel­ing tired. We all do, I could sleep any afternoon for a couple of hours.

Doug had his new car delivered yesterday. It is quite something. I have warned him not to let June ride in it, He took me up to Eastcote in it this morning and round the block a time or two. He is finding it difficult to come down the driveway and into garage – two inches wider and I doubt if he could do it.

Re date of your arrival, I suggest you come up on Thursday 14th. I propose to work in the morning and come home either for, or after lunch. Stay as long as you please so will leave the return date to you. Pity you cannot get the frames in the car, I thought we tried one when I was down. It does not matter however and I expect you can find a use for same rather than lay idle. The thought occurred to us that you may be able to bring a small plum tree if you have one ready of con­venient size. Here again it does not matter if you have not got one as we appreciate it is usual to indent well in advance for such things to be grafted etc – still if you have a small one suitable it will be welcome.

Pauline is here this week-end helping June to Spring Clean and paint as required. It has been a good dry day for it but rather cold. I managed to make myself scarce in the garden* where I have to-day planted Dwarf French Beans, Parsnip, and Parsley, I have some lettuce but think it a bit too cold to plant direct to outdoor soil. Indoor space very limited now the shed is only half its size. I expect you will wonder at the early date of planting the Dwarf French Beans. I have planted them pretty deep so that they should not reach the surface much in advance of the usual planting time of Mid-April, The soil at the bottom is in beautiful condition. It is so dry that the strong wind is blowing it about. Have lost most of my Carnation Cuttings, It is the same every year I find they are nipped off at the base and left lying close by. Even the pinks are kept in check by this mysterious pest. My Delphiniums which were grown from seed and planted out are all coming up again and the Syringa is beginning to make progress, I am afraid it looks as though we have lost one of the two Honeysuckle, They both made early growth this year and the frost came along and one has since been completely lifeless, Please do not forget the Buddleia, There has been no movement from the Dahlias but I suppose it is early yet. I see that one or two of my neighbours have been out with lawnmowers to-day. The grass is dry enough to cut but most of ours has been trodden flat.

To-day we sent Susan off to Sunday School as usual, Pauline took her but she did not have her usual class as it was Mothering Sunday. We had overlooked the fact that Class would be altered and of course we must now be a little unpopular with the authorities. We had another couple of sessions to-day of see the Mobo Toys – from Carol. Earlier I said to her tell us some of your nursery rhymes. As she made no offer I suggested Little Bo-Peep to which she replied ‘bo Toys. Carol really is growing up fast, she can sing one or two little songs and has a good idea of the tune, and she also helps to clear the table after meals. ( Not by pulling the table cloth either ) She rather likes my wine and would drink the lot if you let her. We went to Raynors Lane yesterday to do a little shopping. No accidents.

Have you had any luck on the Pools this year? It looks as though Bristol City will be relegated this year. What have Clevedon been doing since the Hayes match?

Glad to learn that the Surgeon has now signed you off his books, I expect you are pleased despite your recent energetic activities. If you extend much further in the direction of the river you will need to extend the concrete path. It might not be a bad idea at that to have such a path especially if river is to be widened. You could dump all your household ashes to make it. Well there is not much of startling nature this week so will close for the time being.

Love from June, Susan, Carol and Alec



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