Sunday 20th March, 1960

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad

Here we are again, another week nearer your much anticipated visit. Many happy returns to Dad on the Birthday although by the post I expect we are a day late. Never-the-less I hope you had a good day with the visit from Don and Joan. They tell me it has been quite a nice day out although have been indoors on an electrical job all day. Just had phone interruption. It was Geoff who wants us all to go over to Headstone Lane on Easter Sunday as soon as possible after dinner. Told him that would be in order. We have been waiting for him to fix up for our visit for quite some time and it now looks as though he has made up his mind when it will be.

Well to take things in order, your letters first. Thank you both for them. I note the posh paper (Mothers) sadly let down by (Fathers). How much a foot do you pay for that. Sorry about the screws in the neck, I take it that was Fibrositis which you will recall I had when at Weston School, Very painful indeed and most lowering. Hope that is all better now. Doctor gave me Adrenalin Cream to rub in. This was on the occasion of my second attack when at West Ealing, It was during the war and he had to send to Scotland for the Adrenalin Cream It was quite good stuff but does not keep.

Sorry your day at Exeter was so spoiled by rain. You can not rely on the weather even on your rare outings. I expect you wished you had taken the car particularly when waiting on Taunton Station. I seen to remember we had a few waits at Taunton in the past. I note you have planted Parsley and Virginia Stock, we have the same but have not yet put in. I also have three packets of Dwarf French and one of Scarlet Runner, two of Lettuce and some Parsnip to go in. I put the fork over the new bottom plot yesterday and it worked a treat. Should do too as when path was constructed round the outside had to shift practically all the earth in the square to a depth of about two feet. I had not touched it since the path was made and you could plant small seeds straight away. The Virginia Stock we got with a packet of soap or something. Did you get yours from Paxmans ? ( Sorry )

Yes I would have liked to come down for the week-end but will keep it in mind for later in the year when there are no impending visits expected. From the sound of the feast provided at Paxmans I take it you were bulging at the seams when you got home. I suppose you now, know how to get clothes whiter than white. Glad to hear Soole’s father is out of hospital – looks as though it may be possible for him to attend the wedding. Have you got an invitation? No I do not recall Kelly or his three children. The only child I remember in the house next the corner was called Martin.

I am glad you approved of our action re the flowers. In view of the short time I thought that the best to do. They were white tulips, with yellow daffs and some white flowers just like stocks. With the greenery they looked quite presentable. I picked up Norman Thorne at Greenford station at about 9-0 am and drove him round to Roy’s place. We had a chat there for a short while then went to the church. There were not all that number of people there, but Flaxman was in attendance. Of course the immediate family mourners were present but we did not make any contact with them nor see them at Greenford later. Have not yet seen them and think it as well for the time being. Iris of course looked in pretty bad shape but I understand she is being very brave. They are staying with her parents at the time being. Roy drove us back to London after the Funeral which was very convenient.

Yes Susans memory is quite good when it suits her. Carol now asks to see the Mobo Toys and “see church where Carol Christened”. There is quite a demand to see the book – almost a daily occurrence. Glad Don looking better. You will have had an opportunity to confirm your opinion of his health as a result of the visit to Clevedon. If he could rest up a bit particularly in some good Summer weather it could put him right again.

Ronnie Grey is still in hospital. It seers the operation was a little bigger than they made out. He still complains of pain in his stomach and there is still some discharge from the wound. They were expecting him out this week but I think it will be a little while yet. Grey has bought himself a new car. He went out with the intention of selling his old one and getting a Mark 1 Consul but was dissatisfied with the one he saw and found a 1957 Vauxhall Velox in a nearby showroom. I have only seen it from a distance but he says it is quite something. He is taking delivery next Saturday.

Your lettuce production is certainly large scale. Did you sell many last season? No movement in the Dahlias yet. The weather has been a little too cold for much progress. I am surprised that you are still getting trouble with rabbits, I thought they had all gone. Took the children and June to Eastcote for fourpenny all off yesterday morning. The hairdresser certainly took her time – over an hour. Other than that we have not had car out this week. Carol was quite good, no trouble this time.

Had to put a permanent electrical point in for the fridge so decided to convert whole downstairs electrical apparatus (except lighting ) to 13 amp Ring Main. As you know we already had some parts so fitted. The two electric convector heaters, the T.V, and the Washing Machine. All these were on odd lengths of wire from the fuse box. I have now put in a complete ring of wire from stairs along hall to lounge, across lounge and under wall into dining room, across dining room by French Windows and into kitchen thence back to fuse box by stairs. All the odd lengths of wire have been withdrawn and the sockets connected to the ring. I have put in the additional socket for the fridge and salvaged quite an amount of wire from under the house. Any number of points can now be fitted just by the purchase of the connecting box and the socket outlet. I shall not need any more wire even for the connections as there is enough to last me some time when I salvage the wire going to the Panel electric fires from a separate fuse box. I can connect all these fires to the ring and salvage the present connections. Had to take up floor boards in all rooms and had a job to keep Carols head out of the holes.

Well there it is for this week, hope you are both fit now and stay that way until we see you. Love from June Susan, Carol and Alec


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