Thursday 30th October, 1959

Alec to his parents:

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am writing this letter to Clevedon only on the assumption that will have been let loose by the time of its arrival. Please let me know if there is any delay in release.

Thank you both for your letters received since I last wrote. Glad to know that Dad is going along fine although somewhat handicapped. I note that the news leaked out in Bristol, but so far I have not heard of any similar leak this end although many people ask after Dad from time to time.

We had a proper fandango last Sunday. On the previous day Peter drove Pauline over in his new car after fetching June and Susan over to West Drayton. Apparently he asked June if she thought I would be interested in having his old car for round about the price he paid for it. Of course she said she would consult me but that it sounded too good an opportunity to miss in view of the condition of the car. I was asked if I was interested but would not give him an answer until I had had an opportunity to discuss it. We made up our minds to have it over night and next day I telephoned him to say so, but he was out. When he returned he said he had sold it and was delivering the car that afternoon. Mr Baker and he then got their heads together and put the sale into reverse. I got the tip that the car was ours and then got Doug to give me a hand to get the fence down so that car could get in. We had just finished when up comes Peter and two friends in two cars. Of course the darn thing was too big to go in clear of Doug’s runway. There then ensued a discussion as to whether it would be best to move the coal bunker or take shed down. We settled for taking front and part of one side off the shed. By so doing have got it cross-ways with front wheels on small lawn in front of shed and rear wheels on concrete apron in front of the place where shed door was. The fence has been temporarily rebuilt round it to keep children in. Considering the age (1939) it is in very good condition. It has a reconditioned radiator, three reconditioned tyres, and one fairly new. One new inner tube, complete heater awaiting fixing, brakes recently adjusted, two new brake hoses, lighting system overhauled, new front wheel bearings. The make is Vauxhall, is twelve h.p. grey, new inner roof lining, good upholstery and carpet. The engine is in very good nick and so is the battery. Despite all the rain and the fact that it has been standing idle all the week I have been able to start with the starter on about the second or third attempt each day. Defects are, doors which cannot be looked, windows that slip down without being wedged, and trafficators that do not work. When I can get round to it, I think I may be able to do some of those jobs myself.

Kitchen still progressing. As you know with the removal of the pantry a large gap had to be filled in the plaster. I have done so and sanded it down and have since filled in some remaining irregularities in the surface. I hope to sand these down on Friday night or Saturday and put on the primer at once. Given sufficient time to dry I shall then ( I hope ) start putting on the undercoat. The kitchen dries fairly quickly so there should not be too much delay between coats. I have to take up Dahlias soon but don’t know when I shall find time to do that. Shed will have to be rebuilt and some concreting done also new design of fence erected so that I can run in easily. I don’t intend to get garage just yet but hope to stand the vehicle in front of the shed which will be repositioned about ten feet to the rear of present site. Sorry to learn that your kitchen arrangements still holding fire. Should have thought they would have finished by now. Are they part time only?

Not much news about Susan’s Sunday School last week, we were really too busy to listen*. Carol says Cheerio mornings now. Susan says that when she has grown into a big girl she will have a big Grey car like Daddy and Uncle Eric. She has been out kissing the sidelights. Well that is all for now, more next time.

Love to you both from June, Susan, Carol and Alec

*Well, what does that tell you?


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