Sunday 28th June 1959

Alec to his parents

Dear Mum and Dad

Thank you very much Mother for the Shirt and enclosed letter. Also thank Dad in advance for mysterious parcel to come. I am afraid that I no longer have any blue shirts or suits and have been collecting white ones so that they go with anything. It may be possible to change the colour at the shop where it was bought so I will bring it down with me. If they will not do it, it will not matter as can wear it with my sports coat. Susan presented me with a box of chocs from herself and Carol and I have received a few cards. Thanks also for Dads long letter and Birthday wishes. Latest about the children – I took Carol down garden path a couple of times to-day holding one hand only. She was keen to hold two hands at first, but would not let her so she is putting up with it and making the best of one. She walks quite nicely this way but have to watch and move quickly in the event of capsize. There are ten days to go before we come down so should hardly think she will be walking freely by then. Anyway it will be touch and go. Susan has had a few smacks to-day for disobedience. There have been too many incidents to relate them but they all add up to the fact that she has a will of her own. The Grays returned from Broadstairs yesterday after a good holiday and brought Carol a pink squeaky dog and Susan a cloth doll in Hungarian Costume. We were given a 10” vase in two shades of grey, just right for a few red roses with which in fact it is now filled. This afternoon took Susan for ride on her tricycle. Intended to take her down to swings in park, but weather put that out of question. She rode down Queens Walk in direction of Whitby Rd, turned right by Doctors house into Mount Pleasant which veers right again at 90 degrees and joins East Mead almost out by Field End Rd. She rode all the way except for crossing other roads. June will no doubt write in due course, but confirm that she has been feeling better at least as regards pain in back. Although it has occurred before it seems to be temporary and is probably due to picking up the children who are no light weights. Sorry to say that garden is not looking very nice. It is the same old story that there is plenty in it but when you look out of window you can’t see any flowers. They are always about to come out or have just finished. The nasturtiums are badly affected by black fly. This has passed onto Dahlias and they are really covered with them. I poured plenty of cold water on them on Friday in the hopes that it would aggravate the fly but to little effect. To-day I scraped the plants with a twig and removed most of the fly but expect them to be back by morning. The correct treatment is to mix soft soap and water with “Quassia Solution” whatever that might be. This should be syringed on but am afraid the Dahlias will have to make there own arrangements. I asked Geoff if his Dahlias were Australian ones but he thinks I should give them more water. They have had about six buckets full at a sitting so it can’t be that. Out of some fourteen or fifteen tubers, three have actually come up. I have not disturbed the others so perhaps they may yet come through as rain has been quite heavy although still insufficient. The five remaining Mesembryanthemums down in the bottom plot have become quite large ( say four inches across ) but as yet there is no sign of flower. The others in the bed outside the French windows are not nearly so large ( say average 1.25 inches across ) Clematis is in flower if you can call it that. The blooms ? are about [half an inch] across and are blue and bell shaped. There are going to be a lot of them but they seem washed out somehow. The pinks are over of course but the carnations will be out shortly. I pricked out some of the Petunias from the seedling box to two others about thirty-six plants and there are quite a number left in box to sort out. Apart from two other boxes, have reduced the activities in shed to pots only. Note Sweet Peas and Sweet Williams doing well. Have none this year. Do not forget that Cherries make a very excellent wine. If your variety are no good for table try them in the cellar. I am surprised the Elderflower ceased to ferment after so short a period. Perhaps it is an idiosyncrasy of the type. One stock reason for so short a fermentation period is low sugar content. How many pounds per Gall. did you put? If you have not had the full staff changes from Geoff I set out below the latest that I am aware of at time of going to press.

1. The new organisation provides for Divisional Traffic Managers at Paddington, Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff. Under these men will be their own personal staffs, (Assistants etc.) also District Traffic Managers at Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth — Newport , Cardiff and Swansea — Birmingham, Gloucester and Shrewsbury.

2. The London Divisional man, combines the function of Divisional and District, and will have a larger staff than the others but no Districts under his control.

3. London Appointments

Divl. Traffic Manager – Paddy Phillips

Asst. Divl. Tfc. Manager – C.P.E. Harvey

Goods Commercial Asst – ? Seymour

Passr. Commercial Asst. – R.J. Hill

Running & Maintenance – W. Sidwell

Staff. Asst. – H.S. Atkins*

Operating Officer – N.H. Briant

(No other appointments known in this area)

4. Bristol Appointments

Divl. Traffic Manager – Leslie Edwards

Development Asst. – Gerry Burt

Staff Asst. – C.L. Newbury ????

Operating Officer – Grannie Hallett

Running & Maintenance Officer – ? Reynolds

District Traffic Manager (Bristol) – ? Bastin

District Traffic Manager (Exeter) – ? Hartnell

District Traffic Manager (Plymouth) – ? Dean

(No other appointments known in this area)

((Re.: Bristol. Understand John Allen formerly of the Paddington D.O.S.O. Staff section has got Staff Asst. to Bastin.))

5. Birmingham Appointments

Divl. Traffic Manager – ? Hilton

Development Asst. – H.L. Wilkinson

Staff Asst. – Jack Donovan

Operating Asst. (? Officer) – C. Galley

Running & Maintenance – A.N. Other

Commercial – A.N. Other

District Traffic Manager (Gloucester) – J. Powell

District Traffic Manager (Salop.) – O. Veltom

District Traffic Manager (Birmingham) – A.N. Other

(Staff. Asst. Geiger)

6. Cardiff Appointments

Divisional Traffic Manager – ? Stevens

Development Assistant – A.N. Other

Operating Officer – L. Morgan

Staff Assistant. – L.C. Barron

Commercial Officer – ? Jenkins

Running & Maintenance – A.N. Other

District Traffic Manager (Newport) – W.J. Morris

(Operating Assistant or Officer J. Pallett)

District traffic Manager (Cardiff) – ? Page

(Staff Asst. C.L. Moore our Head of Section)

District Traffic Manager Swansea – ? Taylor

Staff Asst. – Geo. Nicholas

Dist. Commercial – W. Griffiths

Well that is all I know at present. The list is out and it has been seen. I have it on very good authority that Bill Bryer has not got anything out of it. As you see I am quite a bit short on info re the Assistants to assistants but no doubt will get them in due course. I suppose Gerry Burt’s appointment has caused a bit of heart burn. At this point your call came through. Yes I had a copy of the Lyng letter. I expect I precipitated it as I wrote confirming that I wanted them to be Godparents, they were somewhat doubtful of the office due to advancing years. I am not surprised that you have large cracks in pond as I do not suppose it has been full since the war. The work done on It will be all to the good however. Clock gained eight minutes this week so shall have to let out pendulum a bit more. I can hear Susan talking to herself upstairs, shall have to go up if this continues.

Well sorry to fill up letter with staff matters but it is a bit longer to compensate. Carol now tuning in so June to rescue. Will write again after Mother’s letter to hand.


*no relation


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