Saturday 25th March, 1944

Alec’s diary continues:

Caught 8.0 a.m. train. Mr Hill has said we do not go to London next week but have to work at Temple Meads and Kings. Road*. No-one in office and no-one phoned for me so caught 11.27 p.m. home. Met Doug Steele home on leave when I got to Clevedon. Arranged for him to come to my place in afternoon as having a bit of a do. He came down about 2.30 p.m. but Johnny had to go out on a case so he did not see him. Arranged to go to pictures in evening so took him along. Johnny quite amazed. Met Pat [sic] and Margaret in pictures. Also when in Salthouse saw Mrs H. Had a spot of music round their place afterwards. Gave Eric a demonstration of boogie-woogie as it should be played. Says it is quite good. He has a good touch but is sadly out of practice.

*The only Kings Road in Bristol runs alongside the cemetery at Arnos Vale, but a bit of detective work suggests that he probably means Kingsland Road sidings – and there is indeed a full stop in the diary suggesting that ‘Kings’ is an abbreviation for ‘Kingsland’. It’s difficult at this date to know where he may have worked there – Google Earth imagery does not go back earlier than 1999 but shows a variety of buildings on the site – but, considering that he’d made use of various trackside huts and empty brake vans elsewhere, it need not actually have been a permanent building at all.


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