Thursday 24th February, 1944

Alec’s diary continues:

Got up after John left, not much hot water left. Took Chas out to Laira in morning. Met Mr Dowell and explained we were just on a prowl. Wind fit to blow one in half. Met Mr [Haines? Harries?] of Tavy Jun. on bridge. Say we are going out. When he left changed our minds and caught a waiting bus back to theatre. Had coffee in small snack bar. Walked on to Mill Bay met Mr Jarrold and others. Mr Harding not there. They say Mr Hill has arrived and gone to Tavy. Caught bus for Tavy arriving about 11.30 a.m. Joined Mr Hill in Mr Knight’s office he explains the bombing says heavy over Hanwell way. Back to a restaurant for lunch. Returned to hotel and read a bit, Chas out to Tavy (Down side) to relieve John. John returns 4.45 p.m. annoyed because the latter late arriving. Goodness knows why. John and I went round other part of the hotel for dinner (we sleep in annex no. 12 around corner). Too late to go to pictures so took a walk around the Hoe and went back to read until 9.0 p.m. Caught bus for Marsh Mills arrived 9.30 p.m. Chas had to rush for 9.40 p.m. bus. There is a later one at 10.0 p.m. for staff. I do not like his method of changing over.


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