Friday 18th February, 1944

Alec’s diary continues:

Got up at 8.0 a.m. good breakfast. To work in Inspector Reynolds’s office under Up side water column. Right hand door. Key hangs above it. Started work on summaries West Yard is a mess. Unable to get far with same. Mr Hill phoned from Exeter at 12.0 nn says will we send forms up addressed to him. Packed up same in parcel and put on first available train viz. 1.40 p.m. Taunton*. Way billed sealed marked value and also for immediate delivery. Had lunch at Floods [?] then caught 2.35 p.m. home. Missed connection at Yatton after carriage door came open. No blind and older type handle. Foreman Hill took me into his office and made a cup of tea. I caught 4.33 p.m. to Clevedon. Met Bob Day on the station is looking much thinner. Says he is on 10 days’ leave. he had a puncture so caught train home. I then cycled home. Went to Johnny’s but had slow puncture in my bike so he mended same. Phoned up Cedric but he has to look after the kids as Jim has been posted. Had a jam session till 9.15 p.m. then went home.

*Presumably this is a mistake as he was at Taunton himself and sending the parcel to Exeter. The train may have been heading for Paignton instead.


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